the company was incorporated in 2007, though we have not been that long on the market, we have established Bural Factory (for manufacturing ceiling metal partitions, gypsum boards, metal strips of all sorts, metal tiles of all sorts, access doors, perforated gypsum tiles)
One of our main concerns when establishing this factory was complying with International Quality Standards, to this end; we have used the state of the art of the German machines in this industry, under the control of a quality control and assurance department. We provide the best material in Egypt and other countries in order to have eventually a product worthy of your trust and satisfaction.
Emex Import & Export
Emex Import & Export was incorporated to provide products not available in Egypt due to lack of quality production capacity, we have agreed with factories and mills in East Asia and Europe to import high quality products in the name of our mill (Bural) Fine Design Co (GRC – GRG – GRB).

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